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Alexander Baillie

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Alexander Baillie - Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres -

Title:Alexander Baillie
Painted by:Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Location:Private Collection

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a portrait with a distinct resemblance to the Ingres portrait can be found in the Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen: Alexander Baillie born London 1777, died 1855 in Naples. Thre picture was produced around 1815, soon after the Danish sculpter Thorvaldsen produced a similar marble bust in Rome. Alexander was so stranger as a subject in art, he appears as a boy of about seven years old in the Baillie family group by Gainsbrough in the Tate Gallery, London, painted c.1784. Later a patron of the arts himself, he spent much of his later life in Italy where he lived in Naples with his great friend Jørgen Cappelen Knudtzon (1784-1854)
Alexander Baillie
Posted by Neil Stewart on 8.September 2009, 12:38

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